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1855 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618 Brighton Commons at Twelve Corners

Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Welcome to Richard's Fine Jewelers
Where We Treat Every Customer Like Family.

Since the 1980’s, Richard’s Fine Jewelers has been customizing, crafting and selling unique and amazing jewelry in Brighton New York and the greater Rochester area. Our expertise lies in offering only the most unique jewelry in terms of quality and beauty. We've always taken pride in our love for creating collections that are the epitome of elegance and harmony. We strive to make each customer experience in our boutique as unique and special as possible. Clients value our approach and keep coming back because we know the language of jewelry and how it translates to fit the wearer's individuality.

Our understanding of jewelry, coupled with superior craftsmanship techniques enables us to tailor our approach towards the needs of every customer. We know that a piece of jewelry is a natural extension of the wearer's personality. Let us guide you in the discovery of the most flattering jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. Clients who come to us receive personal and attentive service that leaves them satisfied and confident with the choice they've made. At Richard's Fine Jewelers, you'll not only find a breathtaking assortment of gorgeous pieces but a unique opportunity to incorporate old world craftsmanship into your modern lifestyle.

“We create jewelry that speaks to people on a personal level. It's always been our goal to blend contemporary style with classic forms and offer pieces that are more than just an accessory. Each piece uniquely appeals to a customer in a different way. In the end, jewelry is just like anything else in life - a personal token of something symbolic that carries profound meaning to the wearer and, as such, needs to strike the perfect balance between its beauty and material workmanship."

Richard’s Fine Jewelers is a place where you can find a special piece for that special someone in your life. Discover the powerful and symbolic nature of jewelry and the way it captures the most treasured moments in our lives. People write life's stories, but jewelry captures and retells them.

Whether you're here for a watch battery or a diamond ring, a simple repair or a custom-crafted heirloom, you can count on superior service from Richard and Lori.

After all, who doesn't deserve a little spoiling?

From Richard and Lori with Love

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1855 Monroe Avenue,
Rochester, NY 14618
Brighton Commons at Twelve Corners.

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